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Been providing amazing bodywork for the past 17 years to the Maryville & Knoxville area!

Heather’s approach is often described as intuitive and she brings a deep sense of caring to her treatment sessions. Her massage is meditative, firm, and yet very calming. Her strength lies in creating almost an hypnotic relaxation that allows her to gently coax her clients’ tissues into a more relaxed, comfortable and integrated state via a variety of techniques that include deep tissue in a firm yet gentle way that produces remarkable results. She creates each session uniquely with the client that is on the table, seeking to feel how the body expresses its tension and combining that feel with experience to lead the body into healing, following no set routine.

Heather is also teaches self care classes that blend Trigger Point Therapy, Yoga Tune Up & Mellow Yoga (Yin/Restorative)

Jim came to massage therapy after it helped to bring him out of years of suffering with low back pain. Through dedicated effort, he realized that deep tissue massage incorporating trigger point therapy and other soft tissue manipulations were key to his freedom from pain and stiffness, and acting on that realization, he unlocked the door to better quality of life. In a earnest desire to help others that live with pain and stiffness, Jim went to school for massage therapy and focused his efforts on trigger point release therapy.

Jim simply rocks, try him out if you want relief from pain. ~Heather :- )


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